How To Change HDMI On Laptop? | Output To Input

How To Change Hdmi On LaptopAre you waiting for knowing about How to Change HDMI on Laptop Output to Input? If yes, then stay here & read this article. The usage of different Ports of your laptop is common. At the daily basses, everyone uses laptop ports for different tasks.

But the usage of HDMI Port is much special. HDMI Port is used for sharing screen & transmitting videos or audio on another device such as LED or TV etc. Mostly users use the HDMI Port as Output but in this article, we will guide you how you can use HDMI Port as Input. Read the article for complete information.

What is HDMI?

HDMI stands for High Definition Media Interface. Basically, HDMI is used for connecting two devices. By using this HDMI port, you can connect two computers, laptops with TV or LED, computer with one another device etc without any issue. Ports are the main source of connecting different devices with each other. Some types of the ports are Display port, SCDI port, Digital visual interface, Serial port, and ESata PS/2. HDMI is one video or audio interface. And HDMI is used for transmitting the top-quality videos on TV or LED’s.

What is HDMI Output?

Commonly, the laptops are consists of the HDMI Output Port. By using this Output HDMI Port, you can share audio or video on other devices such as TV or LED. The Standard HDMI Port has a totally 19 pins. And it uses the Protocol TMDS (Transmission Minimized Differential Signaling) for the transmission of data. HDMI system has buildup from version 1.0 (2002) to version 2.1 (2017). And version 2.1 is the running HDMI version. The bit rate of this version is 48Gbit/second which is enough faster. For information about using the HDMI, you just check the given below instructions.

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How to Use HDMI?

Yup, if you want to connect your laptop with LED or TV by using the HDMI. Then you are at the perfect website. Because today here we give you a complete guideline for the connection between TV and Laptop. You just follow the given below instructions step by step.

  • First of all, you need to Turn On the both Laptop and TV
  • Then connect the HDMI Wire with both TV and Laptop
  • Now press the Input button from the TV Remote & choose HDMI
  • After choosing HDMI, now you can view the same screen on both TV and Laptop
  • Now your connection is done and you can transmit any type of audio or video from your laptop to TV

How To Change HDMI On Laptop? Types of HDMI Connectors!

Five different types of the Best Laptop For Tails OS HDMI Connectors are named with Type A, B, C, D & E. Connector type A & B is characterized in HDMI 1.0 particular. The connector type C is characterized in HDMI 1.3 determination. Connector type D & E is characterized in HDMI 1.4 detail. Complete information about connector types available in the given section:

  1. HDMI Connector Type A

  • Standard HDMI Connector
  • It consists of 19 pins
  • Type A is electrically best because it has single interface DVI-D
  1. HDMI Connector Type B

  • It consists of 29 pins
  • Type B is also electrically good with the double connection DVI-D
  • In HDMI 1.3, the capacity of transmission of the Single Interface HDMI is better than the double connection DVI-D
  1. HDMI Connectors Type C

  • Type C also contains at 19 pins but it is smaller rather than Type A
  • Due to the use of less number of ports & space issues, this Type C used in new laptops
  • DDC/CEC Ground is allocated to the stick 13 rather than the pin 17
  • CEC is located to the stick 14 rather than the pin 13
  • And it is located to the pin 17 rather than the pin 14
  • For the utilization a sort of A-to-type C wire, you need to connect the C Mini connector with the connector A
  1. HDMI Connectors Type D

  • Type D consists of 19 pins
  • But the pinned tasks not same as Type A & Type C
  1. HDMI Connectors Type E

  • Type E HDMI is used in the Automobiles
  • It can used in any condition because you can lock in any place
  • For connecting the standard buyer link with the car type, you can use the transfer connector

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Consumer Electronics Control (CEC)

Consumer Electronics Control is one like a Remote Control. And it is controlled by the HDMI Connection. CEC allows the devices which are associated with each other via the HDMI Wire to manage the settings of each other devices like settings of display picture, colors, volume etc.

Advantages of HDMI

Some major advantages of HDMI are mentioned here:

  • Without losing your data, you can use HDMI for transmitting the audio and videos. Transmission of 4K video from one device to another device is possible through HDMI.
  • For the transmission of audio and videos, you just have require to connect one single wire. Because connection of more than one wire can create confusion for you.
  • Now the HDMI can easily display the RGB colors option that increase the picture quality & colors. But through old methodology of transmitting the videos, this is impossible.
  • You can use the HDMI with so many different formats, adapters & interfaces. Specially, you can use adapters for the conversion of port such as HDMI output to input.
  • Through different converters, you can use HDMI on old PC’s. Then your problem of how to change to HDMI on laptop output to input finished.

Disadvantages of HDMI

Every technology which has a lot of the benefits, that technology also has many disadvantages. Few disadvantages of this HDMI technique are given below:

  • Normally, laptops have only HDMI output ports. That’s why you have need to use HDMI input laptop adapter to convert the output port into input port. But the adapters are too much expensive. And if your laptop not have the required hardware then your money wasted.
  • Due to the transmission of high-quality videos and audio via HDMI, you can face problems. Such as you need to wait for the transmission of complete data.
  • Mostly latest versions are not carried by each device which we connect with the laptops. That is why you have need to use HDMI versions carefully.

How to Convert HDMI Output to Input on Laptop with Adapters?

In market, too much products are available that you can use for converting the HDMI output to the input on laptop. But today in this session, we will provide you list of 5 major adapters for this important purpose.

  • INOGENI SHARE2U Dual USB Video to USB 3.0 Multi I/O Capture
  • INOGENI 4K2USB3 HDMI to USB 3.0 Converter
  • Display Port to HDMI Adapter
  • Magewell USB Capture HDMI Plus
  • Magewell USB Capture – 32060

How to Change HDMI Output to Input on Laptop without Wires?

If you face too much difficulties in sharing your laptop’s or PC’s screen through wires. But now you want to resolve this problem how to change HDMI on laptop. Then you have to need to read this article. Because here, the solution is available. Without spending a large amount of money on cables, you can share your laptop’s screen by using the latest software. Different software exist that allows screen sharing between devices. Let’s check the list of software.

  • Space Desk

Users who are worried about Do I Have an HDMI Input Laptop or Not? Now you have no need to get worried because Space Desk App is available. Space Desk is an App and you can download or install this app simply from the Internet. When this application is installed successfully, then you have require to download the best drivers for your laptop’s Windows. Remember that, both the devices are connected with the same internet connection that you want to share. Then connect both devices & share the screen.

  • In Home Streaming

For the gamers, this Home Streaming is one wonderful option. Because gamers want to stream the video games on to the screen of laptop. And if you once done this, then your issue of how to change HDMI port on laptop output to input resolve automatically. You can freely install the streaming function app such as Steam. After completing the downloading, you just choose any game & then press the Stream. Then the streaming start & display your game onto laptop’s screen.

  • Mirecast

Mirecast is one another technique that is useable for HDMI Streaming through the Wi-Fi. This technique is available for Windows 8 & above. For screen sharing, the both devices must be supported by Mirecast. And also both devices are connected with the same network. You can use this Mirecast technology in your phones which have Android 4.2, or other above operating systems. After using, the HDMI input laptop software you can simply share your laptop’s screen.

Final Words

I am sure, after visiting How to change HDMI on laptop Output to Input, you can select the right option for sharing your laptop’s screen. Laptop’s HDMI ports are basically output port. That’s why it is not possible to convert the output port into input port. It is a basic reason behind using the perfectly adjustable converters for this purpose of screen sharing.

But in this article, we share the information about the software that is useable for sharing your laptop’s or computer’s screen without any wire. Here we also give you details related to the types of HDMI connectors, versions, Advantages, Disadvantages of HDMI, and also use of HDMI port. Stay Tuned for more Valuable Info! Thank You.

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