How To Install Fonts Into Silhouette Studio

How To Install Fonts Into Silhouette Studio: Designing your creations can be expanded with the addition of fonts to your Silhouette Studio. Just by adding new fonts from the web to your library, you can exponentially expand your ability to design. You can easily find tons of free as well as paid fonts in order to make big difference in your experience of using silhouette studio and install silhouette cameo on laptop.

Silhouette Studio Fonts

Free fonts: While free fonts are really great option but always be careful as they are also a very common way to spread malware or viruses. So, only download free fonts from sources that you consider highly reputable.

How To Install Fonts Into Silhouette Studio

Commercial fonts: Commercial fonts may come with a price but they’re at least far less costly than getting a virus-laden computer fixed. Moreover, if you plan to use fonts that are not meant to be used for personal use then use fonts that offer a commercial license. This will allow you to sell your creations.

Glyphs: Glyphs are fonts with fancy characters and somewhat of another version of the letter in a decorative manner. These are especially decorative fonts that are extra fun to work with. Most glyphs come with a price but sometimes you might find them for free as well. You can even get an extensive set of fonts like silhouette studio Arabic fonts.

How To Download Fonts From Silhouette Store

In order to access best free fonts for silhouette cameo you first need to realize that the overwhelming amount of fonts available online are not exactly created equal. Fonts are all created different front example solid fonts will cut more easily; some fonts may be in upper case others in lower case and so on. Moreover, fonts that don’t have punctuation available can be really frustrating. Therefore it is better that you download your fonts from the silhouette store and go for buying professional grade fonts.

How To Install Fonts Into Silhouette Studio

For using another computer to install fonts in silhouette studio you need to first download and set up silhouette studio in that PC. In order to install fonts in silhouette studio from another computer or your own computer you need to follow the following steps:

  1. First of all download your desired font and close silhouette studio if it is open
  2. Next install the downloaded font on your computer and NOT in Silhouette Studio by unzipping the compressed file and finding the font file
  3. Follow the instructions to install, the instructions are quite simple
  4. Now open the silhouette studio and click the font icon, you should be able to see the new font in the font menu


In case the font doesn’t appear then consider restarting Silhouette Studio or your entire computer. A complete restart may reload the whole inventory and the new font may appear. Though sometimes a font may appear with a different name so try to find any new fonts or just look for the font name in your font book program.


Although you can download and use any font with your Silhouette though you need to make sure that they are accessible for your computer or you can pair silhouette cameo with your laptop since the way each font is coded can differ from computer to computer. Therefore always prioritize fonts or silhouette cameo card templates that are 100% accessible for your computer and can be used by your Silhouette Studio.

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