6 Way How To Optimize Your Laptop For Gaming Performance

How To Optimize Your Laptop For GamingAre your PC does not work properly for gaming? If your answer is yes, then today here we explain to you some basic tips related to the optimization of laptops for gaming. There are so many problems such as malware issues, old drivers, or low FPS behind your PC not optimized for gaming.

But one basic reason is low FPS. Just because of Low FPS you do not play and also enjoy the game very well. So, it is much important for you to know how to optimize your laptop for gaming. And also why FPS is low & how to boost the FPS for a good gaming experience.

Laptops for playing games are much expensive as compared to desktops for gaming. Gaming the best laptops provides you an opportunity to play up-to-date games easily and quickly. Stay connected for whole information about how to make your laptop optimize for gaming. In this way, you can protect your Gaming Laptops from the issues of crashing, over-heating, etc. And improve the experience of video gaming.

6 Ways How To Optimize Your Laptop For Gaming

Today in this article, we will provide you 8 ever best ways to improve the optimized pc for gaming windows 10.

  • Keep Your Gaming Laptop Clean
  • Update Your Gaming Laptop Drivers
  • Install Latest Version of DirectX
  • Overclock Your Laptop Graphics Card
  • Adjust Your PC’s Power Settings
  • Activate Game Mode of Windows 10
  1. Keep Your Gaming Laptop Clean To Improve Performance

Gamers you will enjoy the good performance of the gaming on your laptop. But for the better gaming experience you have to need to keep your laptop fully clean and dust-free. Because dirt and other dust particles are the enemies of the laptops. Due to the dust particles, the system of laptop’s airflow will disturb the performance of gaming. The airflow will decrease and the laptops or computers get too hot. If laptops get too hot then the performance of main components such as GPU, processor, etc will slow.

Professional gamers want to know how to improve gaming performance on windows 10. That’s why today here we will explain the cleaning of laptops. The cleaning of the laptop is no simple task. But if you follow some basic cleaning ways then you can do this task very easily. If you daily use the keyboard for play games then it is compulsory to remove dust & other particles that can make keys sticky.

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  1. Update Your Laptop Drivers for Quick Gaming

How to optimize your laptop and PC for gaming is one most common and important questions of gamers. One best technique for the optimization of quick gaming is to update your laptop or PC drivers with the passage of time. Keeping your gaming laptop drivers updated is compulsory for any operating system. Because the architecture and also hardware of the Linux operating system, Mac operating system, or PC running Windows are the same. And the updating process of systems drivers is straight-forward.

But when you talk about the Graphic Drivers then you have required more and more access. Unfortunately, for hardcore gaming, the Intel graphics are completely not suitable. But through Windows update, you will enjoy the updated graphic drivers. Your other graphics provider does not give that option. Hope so, after using this tip your issue of how to make games run faster on windows 10 resolved. Remember that, set your system in this way that GPU Management Software updated automatically. And also update the audio drivers.

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  1. Install the Latest Version of DirectX for Best Gaming

Stay tuned and follow us for the tips about how to optimize your pc/laptop for gaming. In 2015, the latest version DirectX 12 launched. DirectX 12 is a set of different software tools and it is much facilitative for graphics in video gaming. For gaming on the Windows, gamers must install the latest version of DirectX. But the users of Windows 10 Laptop will get already installed DirectX 12 latest version.

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Step By Step Guide To Install DirectX

If you want to check DirectX current version then follow guideline:

  • First, open the “Run” menu by pressing the WIN + R buttons
  • Then here enter the “dxdiag” (DirectX Diagnostic Tool) & wait for the loading of DXDiag Tool
  • After this, you need to open the tab “Render”
  • Here full information about Graphics Card is available
  • You can check the Direct3D DDI from the pane “Drivers”
  • And it should be numbered in accordance with the DirectX latest version
  • For checking the updating situation of Audio driver, just open the tab “Sound” from the DXDiag Tool

DXDiag (DirectX Diagnostic Tool) is one great way for knowing about the drivers of your system. Because if you want to resolve your problem of how to optimize pc for gaming. Then you have require whole details about Drivers.

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  1. Overclock Your Laptop’s Graphics Card for Optimized Gaming

Overclocking of laptop’s graphics card is a little risky task. May be overclocking want more working out of the laptop’s or PC graphics card. Luckily, best tools are accessible for both Nvidia GPUs & AMD Graphics Card. That is why you can easily done this work. Unfortunately, heat and power are basic issues during the overclocking. Because overclocking of the graphics card utilizes extra electricity. Before starting this task, you have required to rearrange the Power Settings of your gaming laptop.

During the process of overclocking, the GPU heat also raised much quickly. Normally, the laptop’s or PC’s cooling fan system easily control this problem. Otherwise, follow the above-mentioned tip and clean the dust from the laptops cooling fans on a daily bases. If both options are not working properly due to more heat, then your PC or gaming laptop will shut down. Now one most famous and ever best Overclocking Tool for GPUs is MSI Afterburner. Surely, after reading this article, your issue of how to optimize your AMD laptop for gaming will resolve.

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  1. Adjust Your Gaming Laptop Power Settings

As you read in the above section, the gaming laptop’s power settings are much important for the overclocking of graphics cards. Mostly devices are easily used without any power settings due to the best management of power setting. That’s why power management is not important in specific devices. But settings of power is compulsory for gaming laptops. Because a laptop is a device that can access without a fixed energy source. And for a wonderful gaming experience, you have required to connect your device with a power outlet.

How To Adjust Laptop Power Settings In Windows 10?

For knowing about the Power Settings of your PC or Laptop, just follow the given below instructions. Remember that, the given guideline is for the users of Windows 10. So, check this:

  • First, click on the “Settings” button
  • Second, open the “System” tab
  • Third, press the “Power and Sleep” button
  • Forth, click on the option of “Additional Power Settings”
  • Fifth, choose the “High Performance” option from here
  • Now, you can press the “Change Plan Settings”
  • Then click on the “Change Advanced Power Settings” for manage power of device
  • Through this tips you can simply manage the power of your laptop or PC

Gamers when playing the games then they want to save more power of device for the stunning experience of gaming. That is the basis behind that we completely explain the management of device power settings. For preventing the laptop’s heat problem, you must control the advanced power settings.

  1. Activate the Gaming Mode of Windows 10

Are you worried about how to optimize your laptop for gaming? If yes, then you are at a totally flawless website for precious tips. Windows 10 power settings details are already mentioned in the upper section. Now, we provide you one more magical tip for the superb gaming experience. Windows 10 is enabled with a fabulous Xbox App. This Xbox App consists of the different magical features like a recording of screen, gaming mode or streaming, etc. Activating the Gaming Mode is really much simple & easy work.

  • For opening the main panel of Xbox App, you need to click on WIN + G button
  • If pointed, then check the option of “Yes, this is a game box”
  • After this, find the button of Game Mode on the right side at the game bar
  • For starting the Game Mode, you just once press the Game Mode button
  • When the Game Mode starts working, then the OS runs the whole games with the ideal settings
  • But for doing this work, maybe Windows terminate or shut down the few background apps or other tasks


For improving your Gaming Laptop’s performance, you must follow the above mentioned 08 best ways. Hope so after using the master tips for best gaming laptops, you can get the solution of your issues. Gamers you can find the solution of your basic problem “how to optimize your laptop for gaming”.

Gaming desktops are not best for gaming. Because you cannot able to upgrade the processor or graphics card for the optimization of up-to-date games etc. That is why for the faster and best gaming the gaming laptops are more preferable rather than the gaming desktops. Stay Tuned for More Information!

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