How To Pair Laptop With Cameo Silhouette 3

Yet, we are here to tell you How To Pair Laptop With Cameo Silhouette 3. People are getting worried that how to use this cutting machine with a laptop and especially how to pair it. Here at laptopmat we provide you reviews about guide about cameo silhouette. Let’s discuss it.

What is silhouette?

A cameo silhouette is an ultimate DIY desktop cutting machine with unmatched versatility.

It is a convenient dual function machine with multitasking technology that can cut more than a hundred materials made out of vinyl, cardstock, paper, and fabric. You can easily adjust the blade depth and cut up to 2mm thick leather, craft foam, and fabric. You can also cut out various fonts and printed images as well as sketch various designs with pens or images.

How To Pair Laptop With Cameo Silhouette 3

The picture scan technology and wireless technology can help you unleash your creativity anywhere and everywhere. The custom apparel can allow you to personalize your 3d projects and either create from scratch or customize thousands of readymade designs. Moreover, with the cloud, you can synchronize all your creations across all your devices.

Laptop For Cameo Silhouette

Software requirements impact the types of devices that are compatible with cameo silhouette. In the case of laptops, a laptop for cameo silhouette must meet the following requirements in order to be compatible with silhouette cameo

  • A laptop must have a 2GHz+ processor with at least 5th Gen Intel Core i3 processor. However, for using cameo silhouette at its best performance, a laptop needs at least an Intel Core i5 processor.
  • For best performance, the required memory is up to 8GB RAM however a silhouette cameo needs a minimum 4GB RAM to work
  • A good storage capacity ensures a stable system for installing files and updates even if it is not a critical requirement
  • A good display ensures quality performance in order to make intricate designs and projects
  • External monitors should have HDMI, or Display Port or Thunderbolt 3 port in order to be connected to external displays

How To Pair Laptop With Cameo Silhouette 3

In order to pair your laptop with the cameo silhouette 3 you can use Bluetooth to connect with the device. For this you need to turn on the machine and quickly do a setup. You can also use a USB cord to connect but for Bluetooth pairing, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Enable Bluetooth on Cameo 3
  2. Keep the Bluetooth on over your device and wait for it to detect Cameo 3
  3. Once you see it appear upon you Bluetooth device list it would be listed as not connected, therefore click pair
  4. Once you click pair the Cameo 3 would now synchronize and recognize the connected device
  5. In case of silhouette cameo not connecting try troubleshooting issues
  6. The next step is to download the silhouette studio version and launching it
  7. After launching the studio version you need to download the Silhouette Studio Firmware update in order for the Bluetooth feature to work
  8. Restart your computer and re-launch the silhouette studio
  9. After restarting you can go to the silhouette menu on the silhouette studio and click ‘Add Bluetooth cutter”
  10. Now connect and sync the silhouette cameo 3 with silhouette studio for wireless cutting

With this, you should be able to connect to Bluetooth. In the case of silhouette cameo 3 Bluetooth not working you should either try repeating the steps all over or you can try. However, if done correctly you should now be able to connect to your laptop or even PC without needing a USB cord. You might still need to be at a certain distance from your device in order for the CAMEO 3 to give instructions.

Final Words

Even if you are unable to pull it off for the first time you should at least try and give it a bit of time in order for you to completely figure it out. In case the problems still persist then you can go for silhouette cameo 3 troubleshooting. Just make sure that all your Silhouette studio software systems are up to date and properly in sync and you won’t have much of an issue during the pairing.

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