What Is A Burner Laptop For Tails [January 2022]

What Is A Burner LaptopA burner laptop is a laptop that you tend to use for one task only and wouldn’t mind discarding it once that task is fulfilled. Usually, the purpose of having a burner laptop is to regain your privacy where you might feel like your data is insecure or for anonymity.

A burner laptop is not for playing games or checking your social media rather the whole point is anonymity and for that reason, you are supposed to use an anonymous hard drive like TAILS.

Tails is an operating system that either exists on your pen drive or any other external drive that can be used across devices to avoid surveillance and protect your privacy. You wouldn’t want a normal hard drive with a burner laptop as it can easily give off your identity. Therefore tails are the best option to go with a burner laptop. Though this doesn’t mean you can’t use your laptop otherwise. You can also use your laptop normally and simply use tails when you want some privacy.

What Is A Burner Laptop For Tails?

While it may be quite easy to find a burner laptop however you need to be rather more selective if you intend to use your laptop with tails for privacy purposes. In the first place for tails to run on a burner laptop, it should at least fulfill a few conditions. The main requirements for a good burner laptop for tails are as follows


In order for Tails to run on a system, it needs good RAM. Tails are installed on your hard drive so unlike another operating system it runs off an external hard disk and loads the OS in your RAM. This means you need a good memory that is at least 4GB to 8GB in order for tails to run smoothly


Since you need the best laptop that you can keep with you at all times for your private matters therefore having a good battery is a must. It can really be a struggle to be looking for a power outlet in a time of need. You can find it out at laptopmat.com.


A good burner laptop should at least be portable enough for you to carry it along with you. Since you don’t need a burner laptop for extravagant purposes like gaming or such; therefore there is no need for you to purchase a heavy and troublesome device.

USB Ports

For using tails you’ll need peripherals especially since Tails is present on a hard drive. In order to accommodate your hard drive-based operating system on a burner laptop it at least needs to have USB ports 3.0 rather than USB ports 2.0.


If you’re using your burner laptop for simply browsing the web or sending out private emails then you can easily run on Intel Atom/Pentium or Celeron processor. However, for more demanding tasks you’ll at least need to consider Intel i3 processor or Intel i7 for flawless performance.

Graphics and Display

Even though it is unlikely that you would use Tails and a burner laptop for gaming or such purposes however in case you do so then you’d need to get a better graphics card than the integrated one. Similarly, a good display can also be required depending upon your personal preferences and needs

Storage: Lastly, storage is also a matter of preference when it comes to a burner laptop running on tails. Though, a good amount of storage can at least provide you to keep normal day to day data on your main hard drive.

What is an external DVD burner on a laptop?

A DVD burner can be an external or internal DVD drive that can be used with a PC or Mac in order to read and write data and store it on a blank DVD. An external DVD burner is connected externally to the PC or Mac and requires device-specific software in order to record and write computer data. This data may be exported on a blank DVD. This is done through a laser that burns and creates pits on a recordable DVD by using heat. The information is stored in these pits and makes a DVD playable.

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