Why Is My Brand New Laptop So Slow? | How To Fix It

Why Is My Brand New Laptop So SlowIf your brand new laptop working much slowly and badly. And the most common question Why is my brand new laptop so slow arises in your mind. Then you have to need to read this complete article for resolving this issue very simply. Everyone who purchases a new branded laptop they think that now we are not using this laptop for playing heavy games, editing videos and photos etc.

You keep your brand new budget laptop neat and clean for effectively done own tasks. But after some time you realize that your laptop taking time in a startup. And laptops also freezing during work. For quick working follow the given below tips.

Why is My Brand New Laptop So Slow? Steps To Fix It!

When your old PC or Laptop’s not working very well and slows down day by day. Then you invest your money in purchasing a new adorable laptop for work quickly. When you buy a new laptop then you not face any type of issues such as freezes or lags or hangs. Then your laptop works perfectly and quickly respond to each click. But after a few days, your new laptop running slow and hanging. Then you think that why my new laptop for tails OS so slow is?

Only for the solution to your problem, today in this article we are showing you some major causes for your slow PCs or Laptops. And also giving you basic tips to fix them. Stay Tuned!

#1 Reason: Laptop Burning Due to Overheating

When your laptop’s CPU is running very hard for processing the requests, then your Laptop or PC warms up. And you will realize that your laptop’s cooling fan working to cool down your system. Your system warms up when your laptop’s heat-sink tubes are completely filled up with dust. Or your laptops heat up during the processing of hard-working requests. Then maybe you face bad results.

How to fix it?

Purchase a Cooling Pad for your laptop. Cooling pas is helpful for resolving this overheating trouble. Use the compressed gas duster to remove the dust from the heat-sink tubes of laptop. And you must avoid multitasking and opening the heaving Apps at the same time.

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#2 Reason: Too Many Programs Running At The Same Time

If you want to know the common reason why is my almost brand new laptop so slow? Then the most common cause of this issue is the running of too many apps or programs at the same time and also on the laptop’s start up time. Because handling so many tasks at once slows down the laptops working capacity. Running heavy too many apps can cause different issues in a system like cursor of mouse moves hardly or freezes maybe your laptop shut down or completely crashes and more.

How to fix it?

First of all, you need to disable apps that start without any permission, when you start up the system. You can use CleanMyPC for efficiently done this task. If you are a new laptop user, then you also have required to remove bloatware. After this check, how much resources of system available & how much resources used for background running apps. Whole details you can check from the Task Manager & easily stop the unnecessary tasks. And use Malware Bytes system security software.

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#3 Reason: Malware or Virus Slows Down Your New Laptop

It is common that harmful software or viruses can create different troubles in the performance of your laptop or can damage your whole system. And if once virus attacks at your system then you can realize that your laptop not work properly and every process lags etc.

How to fix it?

First, You check that your laptops antivirus software or anti-malware not running completely. For keeping your system protected from the attack of viruses or other problems, the Windows Defender is available in Microsoft. If it does not work well. Then you can use Malware bytes and Bit defender Antivirus Plus software. These software’s are really simple and easy for use. You must regularly update your software for the system security. And if you want to know that how much does a laptop battery cost then follow the link.

Why is My Brand New Dell Laptop So Slow?

Brand new Dell laptop running faster and your tasks are done quickly without any error. When you use a laptop for multitasking then you may face too many difficulties just because of some causes.

  • Hard Drive less space
  • A lot of tasks running at a one time
  • Dell Laptop burning or overheating trouble

Why is My New Acer Laptop So Slow?

New Acer laptop works very effectively and efficiently. But after a few days, the Acer laptop running slow due to common reasoning like:

  • Quality problem of Acer laptop
  • Acer Hardware fault
  • Hard drive memory problems
  • Browser or Network issues
  • Over-heating the Acer laptop
  • Laptop hanging due to battery complications
  • Virus attack on system

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Why is My Brand New Lenovo Laptop So Slow?

With the passage of time, If your brand new Lenovo laptop slows down in Windows 7/8/10 and you want to know about causes. Then read the given possible reasons:

  • May be your Lenovo laptop working slow due to install antivirus software
  • Due to dust particles in your system
  • One basic issue is lower disk space
  • Updating Windows 10 can create this problem

Why is My Brand New HP Laptop Running So Slow?

Brand new HP laptop running slow after some period of time. Just because of some basic reasons such as

  • Basic issues of Hardware
  • Running so many programs at the same time
  • Software problems
  • Faulted data
  • Occurrence of Malware or Virus
  • Not a good way to use the system
  • Overheating the laptop or PC
  • Low disk space


Surely, you can find helpful tips from today’s article about why is my brand new laptop so slow? Unfortunately, there are so many issues due to your laptop or pc work very badly. But present-day in the current session we publish about only some basic problems and solutions related to the laptops.

I hope so, after applying the above-mentioned tips, your system works faster. Here we already discussed the reasons for different brands’ laptops works slowly. Such as Dell, Acer, Lenovo, and HP. Always keep in connection with this site for more suggestions about slow laptops. Thank You for Visiting!

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